Sunday, January 7, 2018

Monday in Washington, January 8, 2018

THE ASIAN FINANCIAL CRISIS, 20 YEARS ON: A CONVERSATION WITH LAWRENCE H. SUMMERS. 1/8, ̣9:30-11:00am. Sponsor: Wilson Center (WWC). Speakers: Lawrence H. Summers, President Emeritus, Harvard University, Professor, Charles W. Eliot University; Meg Lundsager, Public Policy Fellow, Wilson , Former US Executive Director, IMF.

CONFRONTING NORTH KOREA’S NUCLEAR AND MISSILE PROGRAMS: AMERICAN AND JAPANESE VIEWS OF THREATS AND OPTIONS COMPARED. 1/8, 10:00-11:30am. Sponsor: Foreign Policy Program, Brookings. Speakers: Yasushi Kudo, President, Genron NPO; Shibley Telhami, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Program, Brookings, Professor & Director, Critical Issues Poll, University of Maryland. Moderator: Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow & Director of Research, Foreign Policy Program, Brookings.

1/8, 10:00am-Noon. Sponsor: Technology Policy Program, CSIS. Speakers: Ding Xiangfeng, Chief Scientist, Internet of Things - Alibaba Group; Kaiser Kuo, Host and Co-Founder, The Sinica Podcast, Former Director of International Communications, Baidu Inc.; David London, Senior Director & Head of North America Government Affairs, Ofo; Paul Triolo, Practice Head, Geotechnology, Eurasia Group; Hans Tung, Managing Partner, GGV Capital. Moderator: Samm Sacks, Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Programs, CSIS.

, 10:00am-4:00pm. Sponsor: Asia Program, Wilson Center (WWC). Speakers: Bijan Omrani, Editor, Asian Affairs; Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director & Senior Associate, South Asia Program, Wilson Center; Mridu Rai, Professor, Presidency University Kolkata; Dina Siddiqi, Professor, Anthropology, BRAC University Bangladesh; Farahnaz Ispahani, Global Fellow, Wilson Center; Christina Fink, Professor, Practice of International Affairs, GWU; Raza Rumi, Scholar in Residence, Ithaca College; Cassie Adcock, Associate Professor, Washington University St. Louis; Neil DeVotta, Associate Professor, Wake Forest University; Ali Riaz, Professor, Illinois State University. Moderators: Neeti Nair, Associate Professor, Modern South Asia, University of Virginia, Resident Fellow, Wilson Center; Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director & Senior Associate, South Asia Program, Wilson Center.

HOW CITIES ARE COLLABORATING TO COMBAT VIOLENT EXTREMISM. 1/8, Noon-1:30pm, Lunch. Sponsor: Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Strategy, University of Southern California. Speaker: Michael Duffin, Policy Advisor, Office of Countering Violent Extremism, Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism, Author, The Role of Cities in Countering Violent Extremism.

CAUGHT IN CONFLICT: WORKING TO PREVENT THE RECRUITMENT AND USE OF CHILD SOLDIERS. 1/8, 1:00-2:30pm. Sponsor: Stimson. Speakers: Lt. Gen. (ret.) Roméo Dallaire, Founder, Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative; Jo Becker, Advocacy Director, Children’s Right Division, Human Rights Watch. Moderator: Rachel Stohl, Senior Associate and Director, Conventional Defense Program, Stimson.

SHOULD THE FED STICK WITH THE 2 PERCENT INFLATION TARGET OR RETHINK IT? 1/8, 1:00-5:15pm. Sponsor: Brookings. Speakers: David Wessel, Director, Hutchins Center; Lawrence H. Summers, Emeritus, Harvard University; Olivier Blanchard, Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute (PIIE); Jeff Frankel, Professor, Harvard University; John Williams, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; Rick Mishkin, Professor, Columbia University; Ben S. Bernanke, Distinguished Fellow, Economic Studies; John Taylor, Professor of Economics, Stanford University; Kristin J. Forbes, Professor, MIT; Sarah A. Binder, Senior Fellow, Governance Studies; John David Murray, Former Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada; Eric Rosengren, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

THE FOURTEEN POINTS: WORLD WAR I AND WOODROW WILSON’S LEGACY 100 YEARS LATER. 1/8, 3:00-5:00pm. Sponsor: CSIS. Speakers: Keynote Address, John Warner, Former U.S. Senator (R-VA) and former Secretary of the Navy; Jennifer Keene, Professor & Chair, Department of History, Chapman University; Erez Manela, Professor, History, Harvard University; Michael Neiberg, Chair, War Studies, Professor, History, United States Army War College; Mark Moyar, Director, Project on Military and Diplomatic History, CSIS; Daniel F. Runde, William A. Schreyer Chari & Director, Project on Prosperity and Development, CSIS.

SAFEGUARDING DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISM: US FOREIGN POLICY AND NATIONAL SECURITY, 1920-2015. 1/8, 4:00-5:30pm. Sponsor: History and Public Policy Program, Wilson Center (WWC). Author: Melvyn P. Leffler, Edward Stettinius Professor, American History, Compton Professor, Miller Center, University of Virginia. Moderators: Eric Arnesen, Fellow & Professor, American History, GWU; Philippa Strum, Global Fellow & Former Director, Division of United States Studies, Wilson Center.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The business of Abe

The Shukan Asahi on December 29, 2017 tallied the number of times business leaders dined or played golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2017 based on the Prime Minister’s daily schedules carried by Asahi Shimbun. This does not count formal appointments or where a meeting was not reported. It also does not count people like Nippon Foundation head Yohei Sasakawa, who is a favorite of the PM.

Name and job title
No. of Times
Soichiro Masuoka, Tekko Building senior managing director
Tsuneo Watanabe, Yomiuri Shimbun Group chief editor
Fujio Mitarai, Keidanren honorary chairman, Canon Inc. chairman
Yoshiyuki Kasai, Central Japan Railway Company honorary chairman
Hironobu Abe, Mitsubishi Shoji Packaging Corp. president (Abe’s elder brother)
Sadayuki Sakakibara, Keidanren chairman, Toray Industries, Inc. adviser
Takashi Imai, Keidanren honorary chairman, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. honorary chairman
Teruto Akiyama, Nikkei Visual Images, Inc. president
Akio Mimura, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. honorary chairman
Shigetaka Komori, Fujifilm Holdings Corp. chairman
Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Keizai Doyukai chairman
Koichi Shibuya, Rickie Business Solution president
Isao Matsuzaki, Morinaga Shoji, Co. Ltd. president
Tomosaburo Mogi, Kikkoman Corp. honorary chairman; Nobuyuki Nakahara, former BOJ Policy Board member; Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor president; Hironori Aoki, AOKI Holdings chairman; Kenji Ikemori, Fancl Corp. chairman; Hiromichi Toba, Doutor Coffee honorary chairman; Hisashi Hieda, (then) Fuji TV chairman; Akio Nitori, NITORI Holdings chairman; Masami Yabumoto, Kinshukai Group CEO; Yoshio Okubo, Nippon TV president; Kenzo Tsujimoto, CAPCOM chairman; Hiroshi Hayakawa, TV Asahi chairman; Hiroya Kawasaki, Kobe Steel chairman and president; Hiroaki Nakanishi, Hitachi Ltd. chairman; Masayoshi Matsumoto, Kansai Economic Federation chairman; Takeshi Niinami, Suntory Holdings president, and others
*As of Dec. 15.